Motor Fleet Insurance also known as Vehicle Insurance is an insurance coverage that an Insured buys to insure all of its vehicles . It can be a large number of vehicles, or a small number, we provide coverage for all. This commercial type of automotive insurance covers cars as well as trucks and vans (and any other type of motor vehicle where a license is required). We offers different options of coverage at cost-effective prices. Motor Fleet Insurance Policy covers the following: Fleet insurance provides the benefit of covering all vehicles under one policy. Loss or damage to vehicles by fire, accidents, burglary, natural calamities, and other unexpected causes. Third party injury or death & damage caused to third party property. Provides coverage for the insurer/driver: Multiple fleet insurance policies also cover injuries to the driver. It provide comprehensive coverage against legal obligations therefore, it reduces risks associated with maintaining the fleet. Some schemes cover medical expenses incurred due to any mishap as well.

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