Complaints Procedure

Our focus is on earning and maintaining customer loyalty through superior service. However, we understand that despite our best efforts, we may not always meet our customer’s expectations. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, internal complaint handling procedures are in place to deal with your concerns effectively and on time.

Should you wish to register a complaint with us, you can:

  • Contact our Helpline – (+93 (0) 20 221 3646)
  • Email us at compliance.manager@skyint.ensure  or
  • Address your concerns in writing to Complaint box located in SIIC main office House#547, Street 2, Qalae Fathullah, Nearby Qala-e-Musa Square, Kabul, Afghanistan

When registering your complaint, please provide as much relevant information as possible, including your policy number, a summary of your complaint, and any actions already taken to address the issue (if any).

Our internal complaints handling procedure is as follows:

  1. Following receipt of a complaint, SIIC creates a complaint case and starts the investigation of the issue that causes the complaint, to find a solution/response.
  2. If the complaint is not resolved within 10 business days of receipt, we acknowledge it in writing. We also inform you about when we expect to be in a position to resolve the complaint and about the person in our company who is dealing with your complaint case.
  3. The above person will be your contact person until the complaint is resolved or until it cannot be progressed any further.
  4. Some complaints received are quite complex and may take a little time to resolve. You will, however, be kept fully informed throughout the process. If after 40 business days from the date of receipt your complaint has not been resolved, we will write to you to advise the updated position and to notify you of the anticipated timeframe for the conclusion of the investigation.
  5. Within 5 business days of the conclusion of the investigation, SIIC will issue a resolution letter detailing the outcome of the investigation. This letter will include:-The outcome of the investigation.
  6. -If applicable, an explanation of the terms of any offer that the company is prepared to make in settlement of the complaint.

Whatever the outcome of a complaint, we will explain why we have reached that decision and offer assistance to you in any way we can.

Correspondence should be addressed to:

House No.: 547, Street No.: 2 Qala-e-Fatullah, Nearby Qala-e-Musa Square, District No.: 10, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Click on the link to download the complaint form: