GROUP PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE Ready to Serve Best Insurance Policy

Accidents can occur both in and outside of the workplace and can have significant impacts on both employers and employees. For example, if an accident occurs during working hours. Business employers can be held liable for an employee’s injuries. If an injury occurs outside of work, an employee will need to cover the cost of injury and loss of income, while employees will need to cover the cost of replacing a key employee business.


Here is a look at the different types of cover available under group personal accident insurance and their associated benefits:

Disability Cover

If a covered employee meets with an accident that leaves them disabled in any capacity, whether temporarily or permanently, and such a disability does not allow them to work, you will get disability benefits under the group accident insurance. These benefits can be used to pay compensation to the injured employee. Also, if the employee is temporarily out of work, they can even receive weekly injury benefits that will help to cover the loss of income arising from the temporary inability to work due to the accident.

Accidental Death Cover

If an injury sustained from an accident results in the death of the employee, then accidental death benefits will be paid out by us. These benefits are usually in the form of a lump sum payment. If the insured person has died leaving behind dependent children, then additional benefits for the surviving children may also be paid. In situations where an insured employee and their spouse both die from the same accident, a lump sum orphaned benefit may also be applicable for the surviving children.

Recruitment Expenses Cover

If the company incurs any additional expenses to hire another employee in a temporary capacity to handle the work of the injured employee, such expenses are covered under group accident insurance. Also, if the accident leaves an employee permanently unable to work and the business needs to find a suitable replacement for such an employee, then all recruitment expenses relating to finding the replacement will also be covered.

The following are some of the key features to look for in a personal accident policy: Return to Work Assistance Benefit to aid in recovery and recommencement at work, a lump-sum payment for accidental death, weekly benefits for temporary, total, or partial disablement, weekly loss of income benefits, and dependent child supplement